About Us


World In A Spin, as a company, came into being to make it possible for me to expand my research and ability to share what I have learned about my craft. Most of the books grew out of handouts I gave in my workshops and later out of information I usually share during my demonstrations and talks.

The books and booklets were meant to be used in spinning baskets where notes will be scribbled in the margins and on blank sections of the pages and referred to while stirring dyepots and sitting at the spinning wheel. I started publishing my own books when no other publishing company was interested.

Now, when a fellow craftsperson has knowledge to share, I want to get that knowledge into the hands of other artists. World In A Spin now publishes Heather McCloy, spinner, experienced natural dyer and author of DYEING IS NOT ALCHEMY!.

The future of World In A Spin is bright as I would like to expand the titles published to include other titles that fit into the format I am able to print. My goal is to share knowledge with other craftsmen and encourage research and experimentation in the field of textile art.