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Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, Crocheting, Knitting, Felting, and other arts are discussed and exhibited here. Welcome to all who are interested in learning or pursuing these crafts and arts.

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My Summer Plans

Things have been busy this Spring. The Georgia Renaissance Festival takes up a lot of my weekend time as I sit and spin and talk to the visitors about spinning and women's work in the 16th Century.

I am getting ready for my trip out to Idaho for the NW Regional Spinners Conference, where I will be teaching and giving the Keynote Address. I am excited to teach 3 workshops while out there: Spinning Bast, Indigo Dyeing and Knitting and Crochet with your Handspun.

I will also be teaching the Indigo Dyeing workshop, "Summertime Blues" at the Estes Park Wool Market. Indigo Dyeing often seems so mysterious, but my goal is to make it so that all sorts of folks are no longer afraid to mix up a pot and get dyeing.

Then I will be back home for a summer full of Natural Dyeing and Kudzu processing. I plan to dye some yarn with every single natural dye material in my pantry (Ithink I may have nearly 100), and maybe some I gather while out getting my kudzu fiber. Should be lots of fun, and I am hoping to have a few friends join me on my adventure.

Cotton, Southern Cotton, Western Cotton, Any Cotton

Sometimes I discover a subject by chance and off I go researching, working, experimenting. A few years ago, I discovered some interesting information about cotton gins, and off I went researching roller gins, saw gins, all kinds of gins. I ordered a roller gin from India and my husband got it cleaned up and working quite nicely. Now I am on a mission to get a small hand-turned saw gin built. At one time, a long time ago, I bought a small one but it didn't work very well. I sent it back. Probably one of the mistakes, I will regret for a long time. Now I can't find one already built within my price range.

I found some plans for one, and now my goal this year is to get it built. I have discovered that I am not very handy with wood and saws and that sort of thing. But I am not giving up. If nothing else I am determined.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the historical research, and the experimenting with my spinning to see what I can do with cotton, wonderful cotton. I have always enjoyed spinning it and working it up. Now, I have more directions to go and so many more people to talk with. Watch for more adventures on this front.

Have Spinning Wheel, Will Travel

I love sharing my passion for spinning, dyeing, history and textiles in general. I used to say that if I could schedule one event a month, I would really be on the way. As I get older, I look at my energy level and the activities I participate in with the spinners' guild and I think, maybe 3-4 times a year would be good.

So I want to try and schedule some workshops and apply to teach at a few more regional conferences.....fear keeps me from stepping out on that stage. But maybe, just maybe..... I will load up the van and hit the road. Name a subject and perhaps I can help folks learn about that, look at my list of classes and maybe people can find something that interests them. I think this could be an exciting time of sharing and teaching. What fun!


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