Cotton, Southern Cotton, Western Cotton, Any Cotton

Sometimes I discover a subject by chance and off I go researching, working, experimenting. A few years ago, I discovered some interesting information about cotton gins, and off I went researching roller gins, saw gins, all kinds of gins. I ordered a roller gin from India and my husband got it cleaned up and working quite nicely. Now I am on a mission to get a small hand-turned saw gin built. At one time, a long time ago, I bought a small one but it didn't work very well. I sent it back. Probably one of the mistakes, I will regret for a long time. Now I can't find one already built within my price range.

I found some plans for one, and now my goal this year is to get it built. I have discovered that I am not very handy with wood and saws and that sort of thing. But I am not giving up. If nothing else I am determined.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the historical research, and the experimenting with my spinning to see what I can do with cotton, wonderful cotton. I have always enjoyed spinning it and working it up. Now, I have more directions to go and so many more people to talk with. Watch for more adventures on this front.