My Summer Plans

I can hardly believe that another year has passed and I am getting ready to hit the road again. This month I will be heading to Millersville, PA for the Mid-Atlantic Fiber Association's conference. I am so excited. I will be teaching Bast Spinning without Stress, with a Cotton Afterthought. I cannot wait to get people hackling flax, ginning cotton and spinning all the wonderful samples I have for them.

I get to meet up with some old friends from our Navy Days, and then maybe stop and pick up some interesting fleeces or other fibery goodness. I am trying to make plans to go down to Williamsburg. It seems they are spinning and weaving again and I would love to talk to their people.

Life continues and my pursuit of kudzu never seems to wane. I hope to cut and begin the retting before I leave for PA, and then I will be washing kudzu fiber once I get back. And.....maybe I can talk a friend into coming over and helping me warp a loom to do some weaving. WhooHoo!