Back home From MAFA - my summer continues

My big road trip of the year is passed.....I can't believe it. It came and went so fast. The Millersville University campus is very pretty, but the weather was hot. I was so glad to be playing with flax, hemp, ramie and cotton. These are perfect summer fibers and it was fun to share them with my students. This is a big event, and if you get the chance to go in the future, I recommend it. There were over 400 people there, and the days were filled with people learning all sorts of things - felting, spinning, dyeing and weaving. I discovered that I actually knew a lot of the instructors, and recognized a lot of the others.

The road trip itself was nice too. The states between here and there are beautiful and I enjoyed the drive from here to there and back again. There were places I wanted to stop along the way, but it was just too hot to walk around some of the places, so I have made plans to go back when the weather is cooler. So many places and just not enough time. I did stop and visit the National Colonial Farm in Accokeek, MD, however to see and photograph their adorable Hog Island sheep. Still on the search for the wool, and have a few contacts....we will see how that turns out.

I have wool to send off for processing, and some to wash, and some to drum card. Lots of things to do as the summer winds down and my Fall schedule begins. Kudzu to wash, and a loom to warp --- fortunately, my friend, Lois, has offered to help. Maybe it will get done this year!!!